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Going Green

Redwood Credit Union’s commitment to the environment is reflected in the sustainable strategies implemented with this renovation. This project is the first Silver LEED Certified building in Sonoma County.

To achieve certification the following principals were implemented:

  • Low VOC’s paint.
  • Formaldehyde-free millwork
  • A new energy efficient air conditioning and air filtration system.
  • Recycled content carpeting, linoleum and sustainably harvested tropical hardwood flooring.
  • Existing light fixtures from previously occupied spaces were re-used throughout the open offices.
  • Automatic lighting devices that sense available day-lighting levels, if a room is occupied, and switch off fixtures when not needed.
  • Energy Star appliances.
  • Waterless urinals, dual flow toilets.
  • Recycling program for materials taken out of the building – gypsum board, ceiling tiles and metal were all sent to appropriate recycling centers.